“Everytime HE plays”

“Every Time, HE plays”  © Khalilah Yasmin You’re making me feel poetic as I move to your beat, I’m infatuated with your sound and my body goes weak, when you speak, when you play, when you come in my view… I’m acoustically, hip hop, up tempo and in grooved with you… when you play, your […]

As the Piano Played

“As the piano played” © 2004 As he pulled my legs around his head, I clenched the sheets off of the bed, My body blushed 4 shades of red, My body replied to what his mouth had said. As my thighs rested on his shoulder, I had multiple chills without getting colder… If his X […]


“KARMA” Written By Khalilah Yasmin You’re a born asshole and I fuckin hate you, I wish 8, 9, 10, niggas would hold you down and rape you. Then cut you, …and pour gasoline in all your orifices This once sweet girl has now gone thru metamorphosis I’m bad now, I’m evil, and I wish A […]

“The End”

“The End” ©Khalilah Yasmin 2008 I can’t make you take me places, or introduce me to your family- I can’t tell you that you are supposed to do these things gladly. I cannot make you feel guilty, or give you “those eyes”… I can’t make you understand, the disappointment you gave with your lies. I […]


“Because?” ©Khalilah Yasmin 2008 Just because I’m beautiful doesn’t mean I’ll keep YOUR attention. and maybe I say things that are interesting, but nothing you want me to mention. Just because I think with my heart and have an open mind… doesn’t mean when I’m lost, you will come to find… Me, Just because you […]