“Let me BE ME”

This is partially inspired by my own life and thoughts. Yet, I had some inspiration from a paper that I am doing for class….

Letters to the World, From the World…
“Let me be ME” © 2009 Khalilah-Yasmin

Yay for gays, piercings, tattoos, interracial love, nudists, universalism, freedom of thought/speech, blood and liberalism.

For being yourself, giving no shit about opinions. For men that love ONE woman, and a woman that loves one man. For he who doesn’t fear being seen holding my hand.

For being disease free and knowing your status, Yay for telling the truth and daring someone to complain about it!

Yay for wearing skulls, bones, and skater shoes, pleasing myself instead of failing at pleasing you.

Dressing how I am, instead of how you think I should be.

Being yourself instead of what the world thinks you could be.

Yay for living life by your own rules. For being true to you and not fussing with fools.

For being born to speak poetically. For leaving you because you rather I speak pathetically. IDIOT.

For having enough esteem to simply do me. For being happy with my eyes instead of what YOU See.

For being called a “Bitch” because my body is sacred, for being called promiscuous if you choose to leave your house naked.

For being an original version of yourself instead of an imitation of the friend-emy. For being motivated by determination instead of fueled by envy.

Yay for you, and being whomever you want to be in this world,
for being a boy, even if you were born a girl.

Yay For being skinny, tall, big, or petite,
for not being jealous of another for how they look or weep.

For comparing yourself to none, but who you were yesterday,
for, …. me, and allowing these words that I say.

for saying NO to oppression, especially that which you do on your own,
for allowing a stranger’s vision to leave your mind blown.

For being fearless, and making them afraid,
for being unique when they call me strange.

For living in the moment, that is fleeting each day,
For being who YOU are, whether you’re happy or gay.

Yay for being able to find a solution or stop complaining.
For seeing the sun in your mind even when it’s raining.

Express and be, who you see yourself as..
Be the moment, and do not let anything pass..

By you, write your own story, live your own tale,
create your own Heaven instead of living in Hell.

Yay for being happy with your got damn self,
to being your own best friend.
Living by this philosophy:
“do you, fuck them, thee end “.

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