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Daily Affirmations:
1. I forgive you does NOT mean I wish to further f*ck with you. I don’t like to learn my lessons twice.
2. Just because you used to know someone does not mean they are guaranteed lifetime access to your life. Does every character make it to the next chapter of a great book? No. Some are there simply as lessons.
3. It’s okay to keep your personal life PERSONAL. Some people are just nosey. They don’t care how you’re doing. They just want to talk sh*t and hold you back.
4. People that know you in the flesh, yet don’t speak when you see them in the flesh, WILL get their panties in a knot when you delete them from the internet. Do it anyway. It’s like the ‘Peeping Tom’ neighbor that gets upset when you finally close your blinds. He could have at least waved.
5. ‘The Four Agreements’ and ‘Produced By Faith’. Read them.

It was a year ago, I ran into an old friend whom I had decided months prior I no longer wanted to be around. I saw her at an event and she asked if she could talk to me for a moment about my ‘absence’/ cutting her off. I would say the talk went well. I explained that I was not mad at her, I just did not like the way she had treated me on numerous occasions and was done.

But of course, my done and her done meant two different things. I’m not perfect by any means. I have had vulnerable moments and friendships that I wanted to be closer than they were. Yet, I learned years ago… when someone is not as into you as you are into them… LET THEM GO. Why beg and plead with someone to be your friend or … active part of your life when there are plenty of people who will?

The awkward part about cutting someone out of your life is that part where you both know the same people and those people insist on rekindling your friendship as if they are doing you a favor. NO. Or seeing people that are close with that person and them looking at you like a monster because you broke their friend’s heart by no longer wishing to put up with her bull shit. NO.

I see no reward in pretending to like you if I don’t. Not even that. I do not know HOW to pretend I like you. I’m either really into you as a person or really not. I have no middle ground personally and that’s okay. We don’t need to cheek kiss in public while cringing on the inside. Cordial does not mean overly fake, it means acknowledgement and respect.
This life is your script, your story, and your book. You choose your cast and whether or not they be Principles, extras, or simply have one speaking role.

If their presence adds no value to your life, their absence will make no difference.

Two people that no longer belong in one another’s lives do not have to be enemies to coexist peacefully. They’re just somebody that you ‘used to know’…

Let it go. 🙂

“The Four Agreements
1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don’t take anything personally.
3. Don’t make assumptions.
4. Always do your best. ”
― Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements:

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