“With Angels”


“With Angels; An Ode to Michael Joseph Jackson”
Written By Khalilah-Yasmin ©

I may have never held your hand, or felt your embrace,
But you touched my soul, my mind and every empty space.
I may have never heard you say or call out my name,
But you spoke to me often, regardless of your fame.
I may have never let you- look into my eyes,
Yet I saw myself in yours, no matter your disguise.

You may have never danced with me, but since I was born I followed your feet,
Wearing your glove, hoping you’d visit me in my sleep.
You may have never saw me, but I was always watching you,
as you gave yourself selflessly, awakening closed minds and dreams come true.
You may have never been there when I was a child and your voice made me cry,
you had power to move any age, any color, and unite us under ONE SKY.

I will never know your struggle, your life, or your pain,
but you are our Brother, and we are the same.
I will never hold your hand, I never got the chance,
You will never hug me, or give me that dance.
I asked God for a favor, he said he’d hand deliver my poem,
He assured me you Moonwalked with Angels and you were not alone.


4 comments on ““With Angels”

  1. That is very beautiful, touching, and I feel the same u do. I know Michael is reading it now, he loves it, and is proud of all you’ve done. He’s dancing not only for the angels and God, but for u , me, and everyone else on earth.


  2. Hey Khalilah! This is the most honest, heartfelt tribute I’ve seen to date. The last line almost moved me to tears. Great work as usual. I will be RT’ing shortly.

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