I found ‘Yeezus’… My ‘In the Moment’ Review of Kanye West’s new album

‘Yeezus’ – By Khalilah Yasmin

It leaked. I listened. Furthermore… before you go any further; know that I will also do my part and support by purchasing from iTunes on Tuesday.

When I hear music, I see images, moments, pictures, and emotions.

When I see pictures, I hear music and my mind creates words.


First off, everyone has an opinion about Kanye. I’ve wrote blogs on his music in the past. As an artist myself, I genuinely like him. I think he’s a brilliant artist regardless of how he is seen to the public. His personal life has nothing to do with the craft, the art, the music, and the REASON we know who he is in the first place. This album is a combination of his former albums in terms of style as far as I see. There’s nothing here like ‘HAM’ , ‘N*ggas in Paris’ or any of the militant hardcore club anthems that make you think you can finish a bottle of Patron in one sitting. This album has a message accompanied by some classic production, eloquent poetic verses, and mind awakening revelations.

I wrote this review as I listened to ‘Yeezus’ for the first time. Yes, I’ll probably have more opinions later but this is my RAW and in the moment review.

Those of you who are true Kanye fans will enjoy this album. Those of you who aren’t… well this review wasn’t for you. Namaste!

1. ‘On Sight’

The melody makes you feel like you’re stuck in a video game such as TRON.

Ye’ also has a small shout out to Kimmy on this track as well. I like it.

2. ‘Black Skinhead’

There’s something spiritual about this track or something tribal. I could see an army of models in clothing designed by Mr. West marching down a runway adorned with the finest Roman architecture. Kanye would be in the forefront of this army riding an animal you’ve never seen before while holding his goblet and drinking wine so red it looks like the blood of ‘Yeezus’. Somewhere in the midst of this, a scene from ‘300’ breaks out. Both armies fail… and Kanye wins.

3. ‘I am God’

Kind of haunting at first listen. The visualizations to this melody have a combination of light and dark competing with each other. The messages in this song however; are insightful. “Even though I am a man of God, I am a GOD”.

Undeniably one of those empowering songs you listen to as you are working out and your trainer is screaming at you to finish your last set HARD. The screaming towards the end of the song is interpretive. There’s some message he is trying to convey that comes directly after his voices deepens saying the words “I am a GOD”, seemingly reinforcing the messages he was trying to warn the listeners of in the first verse, “Y’all better stop playing with God.”

“I am God” is that powerful song that most will criticize that Kanye is being narcisstic but it can be YOUR own empowering anthem. That’s my take on it.

4. ‘New Slaves’

So much more than the melody. This is when Kanye is a poet teaching a history lesson and his take on how some people are still voluntarily slaves. Another empowering song where Kanye is standing his ground and admitting to some weaknesses that the human mind is often susceptible to.

“I’d rather be a d*ck, than a swallower.” – Kanye

I agree Kanye.

5. ‘Hold my Liquor’

Beginning with a futuristic echo as if the person is talking to themselves in the mirror reflecting upon a mistake or a decision they have made. Auto-tune Kanye is present here. This song is about vulnerability of ourselves, others, and our vices such as liquor.

“Hanging on a hangover, five years we been over…” – Kanye

“Late night organ donor, after than he disown ya’ -” THAT LINE RIGHT THERE KANYE!! YASS!

6. ‘I’m in It’

The track begins as if he is having sex with someone he truly loves. The moaning seductively introduces you to heavy breathing and descriptions to walk you through a futuristic sex scene that takes place in between this world and the next… or many worlds all at once… The moan becomes a constant partner to the melody until the reggae soul shows up wanting you to find someone to reenact your visualizations with to the rest of the song, stopping only for an 8 count.

I haven’t heard anything like this from Kanye yet… I like this a lot. Erotic Kanye meets Reggae Soul. There’s a good chance that mini Baby West was inspired during the creation of this track. The whole song enables you to hear Kanye as he is up .. IN IT. Figuratively speaking.

7. ‘Blood on the Leaves’

This sounds like the beginning of ACT III of a three act stage play. I may have to listen to this one a few times… to fully gather it.

Definitely sounds like a break up song. ‘808 heartbreak’ meet ‘Runaway’

8. ‘Guilt Trip’

More futuristic melodies. A love song out of this world by someone traveling as they tell you the story of a relationship they were in. Broken hearted melody.

“If you loved me so much then why did you let me go?….” – My favorite line during this first listen as it is sang and repeated with so much pain as parts of the music temporarily stop.

9. ‘Send it Up’.

Definitely a dope beat…. The voice the song is featuring reminds me of one of the old school Busta Rhymes or Missy Elliott songs from the 90’s that made you rock your hips without permission.

10. ‘Bound 2’

NIIIICEEE! Bound 2 could have been on ‘College Dropout’. It has one of those old school samples that we all originally fell in love with. Those of us that still love Kanye. This song could be someone’s open letter to the world…

I screamed when Charlie Wilson came on. This is that sh*t I DO LIKE! I would say this is probably in my top 3 faves of the album.

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