“Unspoken Attraction”

“Unspoken Attraction” ©KhalilahYasmin.com

As you looked into my eyes the very first time,
it’s as if you knew my thoughts, and were reading my mind.

My mind, hidden behind, my smile, lost inside of my words,
you stared into my spirit and left my soul stirred…

Stirred, I was by a stranger with depth,
wanting him in me deeper, without having sex.

Sex, I could only imagine, would intrigue me further,
Shakespeare called it death, but I believe me you’d murder.

Murder, of all my past vices before you had came,
wanting to grasp your hard MIND, and call out your name.

Name, for when you said mine, my knees became weak,
intrigued and in trance to just hear you speak.

Speak, to me slowly the way only you can….
lead me down your tunnel just hold my hand.

Hand, me your eyes, your spirit, I’m not after your heart,
I want your “soul windows”… to see what you saw in me at first start.

Start, now, life’s short, I may not finish,  and may crave another round….
I’m speaking to you clearly though my mouth makes no sound

Sound, something I’m looking forward to feeling,
the bass of your body, the treble, of you stealing…
My body, my mind, and all I offer for this night to take…
Take me to a place I’ve never been and want to find.
Take me now, beautiful stranger, before I change my mind.

My MIND, hidden behind, my smile, lost inside of my words,
you stared into my spirit and left my soul stirred…

3 comments on ““Unspoken Attraction”

  1. so…i’m going to willingly live in a fantasy world where the stranger in this poem is me. why? cuz it makes me happy 🙂

    anyway, the rhyme/repetition pattern is fun! i like the mysteriousness of it; kinda “secret-admirer-ish”ness of it (i don’t care if what i said was not a word). finally, it’s great for captivating an audience of male (and i suppose lesbian) admirers, as we can (as i’ve already done) picture ourselves as your muse. while intrigued to know the true identity of the muse, the fantasy is actually much better 😉

  2. Thank you! 🙂 I was trying to write in a different style in this one.. which I often attempt to do.

    Yet when speaking from emotion, sometimes it’s a challenge.

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