WaKeUp & UnF*CKtheWorld –

I decided to post my twitter rant here as nightmares have interrupted my slumber.

How do you control guns mentally ill people already have and are waiting to use? Gun control = the same illusion of a restraining order; useless unless followed.

I have faith in ‘God’, The Universe, and whatnot … But I imagine that so do some of the people innocently killed at the hands of cowards.
That urge to watch the doors of every establishment I enter and to constantly stay aware of those around me… Is exhausting at times.
Some ‘programmed’ minds would say, “maybe it was their time to go.” No. I don’t believe that. Misguided free will can interrupt destiny.

Simply hoping your loved ones aren’t physically affected by these senseless tragedies is counterproductive. We’re ALL affected or numb… We’ve unknowingly become desensitized to certain events as a coping mechanism to repress fear and disillusionment.

This is why LOVE is so important. It’s the only currency that heals from within. Not all mental illness is born. Most of which are created reactions.
People internalize and respond to their dissatisfaction, rejection, abuse, poverty, sadness… And thus, the cycle begins that causes the DSM-IV.



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