Unfamiliar Knowledge and Opinions

These are just my opinions, you don’t have to agree. But there is a way to disagree respectfully.

Unfamiliar knowledge only intimidates those who aren’t accepting the possibility of their belief systems being altered.

Humans are quick to label something as crazy or drug induced simply because they do not understand it. It takes a different level of thinking for certain topics to make sense no matter how ‘out of this world’ one person may think that topic is. Whether the topics are regarding religion, metaphysics, sexuality, or psychology; different perspectives are guided by individual experiences that are educated by choice or circumstance.

Yesterday there was a lot of controversy on the internet regarding an interview with Willow and Jaden Smith; children of Will and Jada Smith. Their responses to the interviewers questions were not common of most teenagers that may have responded in a trivial fashion. Some of the posts regarding the interview referred to them as ‘nuts’ or ‘strange’. It’s true everyone is privy to their own opinion, yet labeling someone because they think differently than you IS IGNORANT. The first person that thought of internet was probably thought of to be nuts. The first person that determined that slavery was wrong was most likely called crazy and challenged by a lot of people. The first person to hypothesize people sitting in the sky yet flying at the same time… Yeah.

Take algebra for instance; I may have passed but my mind doesn’t operate in algebraic equations. So if someone was speaking that way, I may be lost. But to some, algebraic equations are relatable; so when speaking to a crowd of the same wave, it makes sense to that group of people.

Everyone’s physiological functioning isn’t identical, which is why some people DO have mental illnesses or different levels of functioning. It’s more than a right brain versus left brain dominance theory.

Why are some humans so afraid of other’s beliefs?

There’s too many religions out there for me to say that yours is wrong because it doesn’t align with my belief system. You, just as much as I, have a right to your belief system. But let’s not call each other mentally ill, crazy, or alienate those that think differently. Furthermore, every person that has an eccentric imagination or thought processes, doesn’t have to be influenced by drugs. If that’s the case, who was drugging me when I started writing my beliefs at the school age of 5? The beliefs I have had since childhood have advanced in light of the books I have read, conversations that chose to enlighten, and experiences that I allowed to influence. But an unlimited perspective means crazy or on drugs?

*Prince side eye*

What’s it like having a mind so prejudice of others that calling them names or judging is the only way you don’t feel threatened.

Personally, since I am not studied or interested in sports, I don’t jump in to sport related conversations because that is not my lane.

I don’t mind opposition or educated opinions. Let’s educate one another, respectfully. Responding to someone’s post to “Lay off the acid,” says more about your belief system than it does about mine.

With all due respect… or not.

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