This Screenplay called “Life”…

Yes. I write. I get paid for it since that is what today’s society determines value by. I don’t.

Also, SUPER GRATEFUL to do modeling, acting, and some REALLY FUN special events; Billboard Awards, Poker Tournaments,

Private Functions, Sports Illustrated Magazine Release Party, etc. Sometimes these events allow me to wear an assortment of amaZING costumes. These experiences have opened doors where there was ‘seemed’ to only be walls. Words cannot describe my gratitude.

It’s amazing the way that someone will treat you based on your ‘job’ for the day. I could be pouring drinks one day or in a position where some may look down on. There are situations where people will treat me like I am ‘nothing’ based on their perspective of what it seems I am worth because of the job that they see I am doing. Wearing a gown in a tournament the next day, and suddenly I’m treated like royalty by the same people that don’t recognize me; because they’re looking at the JOB; not the person.

Regardless of all that, occasionally some random will come up to me and ask, “So is THIS all you do?” I like to have fun with those sorts of people. Especially since they said it with the attempt to be condescending.
That’s when I put my serious face on, pull ‘Him’ to the side, and begin to whisper,
“Actually, I’m an undercover international secret agent and looking for some very dangerous people. By doing these events and having an all access pass to certain places, I remain undetected and am able to find my targets when they’re vulnerable. On my person currently, I have 5 weapons that you’ve probably never heard of. I’m trained in combat, martial arts, and هراء, شىء تافه. I’ve seen things. Beautiful and frightening things.”
Him: “You’re joking aren’t you.”
Me: “Maybe. But what if I’m not.”
*smiles and walks away*
You’re the writer of this screenplay called ‘Life’. It can be whatever you decide…


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