THE FRIEND ZONE- or lack there of…


People are intimidated by and FEAR what they cannot comprehend. They will shun you and criticize you. Be KIND anyway.

Finding genuine connections in a world where most want immediate gratification can be met with challenges, but it is not impossible.

I seek connections minus the sexual motives of most. I seek to expand consciousness, knowledge, and purpose.
THAT pisses people off. …and that’s fine.
Excuse my profanity because I will be using it here just for fun.

The ‘Friend Zone’. Who created that bull-sh*t term that has instilled fear into some relationships causing them to either move things too fast, not be themselves, and ultimate get rejected overall?? Now if a woman or man isn’t interested in you, they just aren’t interested in you. This term annoys the HELL out of me on so many levels. It suggests that there is something someone can do to prevent themselves from being in this ‘alternate reality’ and played out schema. So, by not wanting to be ‘friend-zoned’ men and women will push a little too hard, come on a little stronger, and possibly scare someone away from ever wanting to even be in the same room with you again. So now there you are, looking way too easy and slamming shots of Fireball in hopes to get loose. Don’t.

Don’t be corny. Be yourself. If being corny is you, then cool. But if your motives are out of hoping that you don’t get stuck in the imaginary mental shed called ‘Friend’, then you have already lost. If you are looking for something genuine, a friend is the best place to begin.

The qualities of friendship ARE favorable and can lead to attraction. I’ve been genuinely interested in someone I considered an acquaintance and was willing to allow it to grow into the friendzone… and perhaps more. But then, … of course. They started being all romantic TOO SOON. Before I was even sure they were worthy of being a friend, my suggesting of meeting in a group setting was offensive which set off all of the alarms in my head. If you’re not willing to be a friend first.. then why bother?

“much of the sexual attraction we feel for each other is the universe telling us we have a destiny to CREATE something together,” not necessarily engage in sexual intercourse…

The side of a person that you see as their friend is the MOST ATTRACTIVE one. You WANT to see how they are when they are just themselves and not putting on this show to impress you. YOU WANT to see how they react and treat a potential suitor. So if she/he isn’t feeling you now… it doesn’t mean they never will. But you do get a floor seat to the best view of the real them that you can have. They’ll share their candid stories and give you access to a part of them that they may not have, had you been JUST trying to romance them. PAY ATTENTION TO IT. See if that’s who you really want…

Otherwise, you end up in a 4 year relationship with this jack-ass wondering what happened and surprised by seeing the ‘REAL’ them, when they finally decide to show you. And why is he in your kitchen drinking milk out of the carton?

The only provision to this I could possibly understand is someone looking for a fling. Being ‘too nice’ or ‘too friend-like’ isn’t the reason he or she isn’t interested in you. Trust me.

And even with that. You can’t un-f*ck any of these people.

EMBRACE THE ZONE. .. or lack there of.

Peace, A Friend…

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