“The End”

“The End” ©Khalilah Yasmin 2008
I can’t make you take me places, or introduce me to your family-
I can’t tell you that you are supposed to do these things gladly.
I cannot make you feel guilty, or give you “those eyes”…
I can’t make you understand, the disappointment you gave with your lies.
I cannot make you show up, when you say that you’ll come,
I can’t get back those years, when we should have had fun.
I can’t tell you we have so many things in common, and so much to share,
I cannot get mad at you anymore, though you treat me unfair.

I won’t wait anymore, I will move on after this,
I won’t tell you about all that you will miss.
I won’t cry, I won’t need to reflect after I write,
I waited for you to show up, for the last night.

I wanted to know you, you’ll never know what you had.
And I’ll never know, what it means to have a real DAD.