The Brain and Human Memory.. Poem- “Remember”



“Remember” Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2014

What if our souls collected souls of souls we have been?

And we are right now; a combination of them.

Acting out missions fulfilled over and over again,

Finding the same soul in not just this body; but that of our friends.

That feeling when you meet certain people and think, “Where have you been?”


It clicks. Lessons we didn’t learn; we meet and are tested again.

Past lives are for old souls that have been here before;

Still had some unfinished business, or pined with God for “one more”…

For you this is voodoo because your soul is too new.

Spirit science is psychedelic and I must be a hippie;

I still love you even though you don’t agree with me.

Loved ones we haven’t seen in 1000 years…

Again we dance. Again we cheers.

Creating life in our words, our art, and every thing that we pass,

Unaware at each breath that it could be the last.
Creating passionate curiosity for the things that we’ve missed.
The footprints we made and the humans we’ve kissed.
What if our souls collected souls of souls we have been?
Do you remember now?  Are you one of them?

*Presses Pause*

-The Brain and Human Memory-

Some say that your entire life will flash before your eyes right before you die.

Others profess that you will only see the moments you love.  Both instances are in relation to NDE (Near Death Experiences) and human speculation.
Is this the brain’s reaction to the instant moment before it no longer interacts with the human body?  The brain then into overdrive immediately floods our consciousness with every memory good or bad; whether they were frequently recalled, subconsciously buried or purposely forgotten. They’re all coming back.
I imagine they’re random and in no particular order; creatively making a Tarantino film out of our lives. The probability of this and a possible 100 year life being shown in mere seconds; is enough motivation to ensure the experiences, people, and places fill up the screen honorably. Time is the most magical illusion and valuable asset. NOW.
Have you thought about what you will see?
*Presses Play*
Neurons and Memory

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