The 15 unfathomably fathomable things I believe in

The 15 unfathomably fathomable things I believe in

I believe in ghosts.

I believe we should live our lives the way WE want to just in case we die suddenly.

I believe in love and soul mates.

I believe in promiscuity, addiction, and whatever makes people happy. Their life.

I believe Gluten is bull shit.

I believe in being a good person as a form of revenge. Because I’d rather people look back at me with regret if they wronged me than feeling justified.

I believe if you really want to keep a secret don’t even repeat it to yourself.

I believe God forgives suicides.

I believe Unicorns, Santa, elves, and fairies exist somewhere…

I believe in alternate dimensions. 5 and 8 are my favorites THE TEN DIMENSIONS EXPLAINED

I believe animals are a lot smarter than we give them credit for and they want us to stop eating them.

I still eat meat but believe one day I will stop.

I believe that we don’t have to believe in the same things to love one another.

I believe in a lot of things I’ll never tell anyone.

Irony is fun.



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