Genetics Are Powerful

GENETICS ARE POWERFUL My biological father & family; The Eure’s are a family of creators and artists. Fun fact: my mother met my father when he had his own theater company as actor, writer, and director. And then tadow— I showed up. *giggles*   Harry Eure, along with his brother Darryl, started the Afro Academy […]

Editor In Chief: Vertical Art & Fitness

Editor In Chief: Khalilah Yasmin Vertical Art & Fitness Magazine ‘The Music Issue’; Issue No. 7 has arrived. Get your copy! SUPER STOKED and GRATEFUL to work with such an artistic and talented team of humans! Also had the pleasure of interviewing the goddess and professional pole & fitness dancer; Jamilla Deville It’s nice when […]

I found ‘Yeezus’… My ‘In the Moment’ Review of Kanye West’s new album

‘Yeezus’ – By Khalilah Yasmin It leaked. I listened. Furthermore… before you go any further; know that I will also do my part and support by purchasing from iTunes on Tuesday. When I hear music, I see images, moments, pictures, and emotions. When I see pictures, I hear music and my mind creates words. First […]