Recording for 53X

Recently wrote & recorded some new material for 53X. Stoked & grateful to have my words and voice as an addition to another show in Las Vegas.   For more information on 53X, read here: 53X  

This Screenplay called “Life”…

Yes. I write. I get paid for it since that is what today’s society determines value by. I don’t. Also, SUPER GRATEFUL to do modeling, acting, and some REALLY FUN special events; Billboard Awards, Poker Tournaments,  

5 Things Every Las Vegas Tourist Should Consider

Coming to Las Vegas? Don’t be an Ass-hat. As told by Khalilah Yasmin Here are 5 Things Every Las Vegas Tourist Should Know: Prepare to be educated and perhaps slightly offended. I live in the entertainment capital of the world, which had an estimated visitor count of 39 million last year; LAS VEGAS. Nearly 21,000 […]


PRINCE! – ‘My inner-monologued review of last night’ I make it no secret that I am a BIG Prince Fan. Perhaps not a super fan that gets tattoos all over her body of his name, but nonetheless, this is real. I may not be his number 1 fan, but I’m surely in the top 5. […]