MASTERS OF PERCEPTION Social media is a fascinating tool. You can find opportunities, like minded people, and misunderstandings. You can share your truth without sharing everything. We’re all capable masters of perception. By choosing what to say, what to withhold, and when – you can create any reality you choose. As Aldous Huxley once stated, […]

5 Things Every Las Vegas Tourist Should Consider

Coming to Las Vegas? Don’t be an Ass-hat. As told by Khalilah Yasmin Here are 5 Things Every Las Vegas Tourist Should Know: Prepare to be educated and perhaps slightly offended. I live in the entertainment capital of the world, which had an estimated visitor count of 39 million last year; LAS VEGAS. Nearly 21,000 […]

The Pornification of Pop Culture; Thoughts by D.A. Wallach

I saw this posted by D.A. Wallach and thought it was brilliantly written and wanted to share. MY THOUGHTS ON RASHIDA JONES’S EDITORIAL: I totally agree with Rashida Jones’s piece in glamour about the “Pornification of Everything:” Any artist or entertainer should be free to do whatever they want. I don’t see it as […]