“Stockholm Syndrome”

Inspired by a Psychology Assignment and a dream I had last night…

Stockholm syndrome: 1. An extraordinary phenomenon in which a hostage begins to identify with and grow sympathetic to their captor. 2. Heart stolen willingly

“Stockholm Syndrome”

Khalilah Yasmin ©


Forgive me if he turns out to be Satan.

He can have my soul if he asked.

Resistance I reckon; a thing of my past.

Submissive; I have mastered well and become,

Obsessed with his happiness and making him cum.

Fiery passion is obsessed with me.

I; controlled by force that I cannot see.

Forgive me if he turns out to be Satan.

Unspoken I promised that I would die waiting.

On him,

and the return of the butterflies capable of flying through fire,

Carrying a passion I never want fulfilled, I crave to desire.


and his return, the tease of his selfish kiss,

Sometimes unsure if he even exists.

Or does he live in my imagination,

A psychotic source of demented brain elation.

A willing hostage I have become,

Obsessed with his happiness and making him cum,

to me.

Pretending not to care, yet pining with ache for his embrace,

His cinnamon scent, his angelic face.

I’m not sure if I chose, nor do I remember being taken captive,

Unless an arrow with poison plagued my heart with his acid.

In the instant, he walked into my view,

My blood went warm and my vision was hued.

Perhaps I am sickened, by chance willingly bitten,

Under a holistic spell, virginally smitten.

No weapon in sight, whether secret or blatant,

Forgive me if he turns out to be Satan.

5 comments on ““Stockholm Syndrome”

  1. Interesting use of “plagued.” Was it for alliteration? “Afflicted,” seems the more accurate word, yet I can see how “plagued” gives it more intensity.

  2. @ Moses- Thanks Love. And for all your feedback on Twitter.

    @ Ken- I used the word I wanted to use. Trust me. I was aiming for intense.

  3. I love this. But you already know that.

    And while the words stay the same, the meaning changes each time its read, it seems. A different shade …or shadow. Nice.

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