Smoke Filled Room- with audio

“Smoke Filled Room” Copyright 2016 Khalilah Yasmin

I never asked for much, a genuine friendship was enough,
But my feelings never mattered because, “I don’t do that stuff.”

I chose to be a loyal friend without making you earn it.
In turn you never appreciated it, you lit and you burned it.

An opportunist in search of the next come up or joyride,
Disguising ulterior motives as sincerity, “Because I’m a nice guy”… Riiiight.

When you lost your weight, you seemed to have also lost any good perspective.

Don’t mistreat those that mean well, or you’ll lose the elective.

You’re feeling yourself too hard and I should have never fed your ego.

You replaced the cupcakes with compliments and now you think you’re regal?

If your heart is made of shit then your physical transformation doesn’t matter,
If being a dick gets your dick hard
Then your mirror is shattered.

It’s getting old, don’t you think? Being the thirsty dude in the comments?
Oh I’m being ridiculous because “all those bitches want it?”

Too loyal for a mutha-phucka that never gave a fuck about anyone but himself.
You want to have everything and everyone in every way…

but should go FUCK YOURSELF.

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