“Silence” ©Khalilah Yasmin

Loud as a war or a storm full of thunder,
my life is a maze, I walk asunder.
The lightning speaks with one expression,
to light my way of a future blessing.
Drums overwhelm the beat of my heart,
I can’t hear my moments part.
Monotonous, driving, repetition of insanity,
my aspirations are my only vanity.
Sinful sounds and harmful bass,
I feel vibration upon my face.
I exploded, and fell to my knees,
The clouds above my rock, put me to ease.
Peace filled the skies as silence came..
Slowly blessed me and spoke my name.
He showered me with comfort from this war,
he heard my cry, “I can’t take no more!”
My eyes dried and my heartbeat heard,
his is a messenger, his name a proverb.
Innocence, peace and spiritual things,
my only whisper is what his heart sings.
-Silence fell from the clouds and came up through the wind,
I saw the storm fading as the waters washed in.
Quiet peace, solemn innocence,
the man brought me silence.