Poem with audio- ‘THEY’

Art by Ungkrit Balankura
Art by Ungkrit Balankura

“They” Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2015

They. They’re all afraid. Afraid of what will happen if their heart gets laid.

Out. Out of room for vulnerability so they hang on to life by forcing evil certainties.

Instead, now love is treated like catching an STD
They’d rather sleep with Monet, Michelle, AND Tiffany…

Protecting their hearts but not protecting their dicks,
Thinking that no disease can be caught if Giselle only licks.

Just a little bit… letting her drool on the shaft and caress on the tip… thoroughly exchanging DNA through her slobber,

But now the perceived enemy is allowing this exchange to cause something real to enter lust’s chamber,

When did ‘LOVE’ become the robber?

Love used to be cool. Finding the one used to be ideal,
Now it’s finding a trick, fucking a hoe, or copping a feel.

For real? This generation has progressively lost it’s compassion,

Substituting immediate gratification for genuine interaction.

Where’s the satisfaction when there’s no desire to build,
Where’s the dignity if rejection is a reason for someone to be killed.

Women afraid of not saying hello, for fear that they’ll be raped,
Experience teaching that any man that passes -may think your presence is his to bait.

They cannot handle rejection, so they scream obscene adjectives,
Doesn’t matter if she had a bad day or if depression is where she lives.

Smiling through the fear, staying strong when we feel weak,

Fighting back the urge to break down when they yell,

But this is where we live, you, me, and they;
The ones that live in fear, the ones that love… the ones that lay.

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