Poem- Love’s MotherF*cker


‘Love’s MotherF*cker’  Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2013




Maybe if I hate LOVE, LOVE will finally LOVE me.


I’ve loved LOVE for too long and it seems to hate me.


LOVE pretends to LOVE me until I have completely surrendered.


LOVE says all the right things and then forgets to remember.


LOVE likes to chase me, when my back is to the eye,

by the time I have turned around and made LOVE earn me, LOVE is goodbye.


But why?  I was a LOVE child wasn’t I?


Shouldn’t love be easy for me… or are my expectations met with a lie.


I thought I had a rock, and it turned into sand…


Slipped out of my grasp, between the fingers of my hands.


I don’t want to cry. I just want to feel what I put out when I LOVE another.


LOVE- I want to hate you… you’ve been a sorry shit.


LOVE? -You mother fucker.



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