Poem-“How to be a B*tch”

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“How to be a bitch”
©Khalilah Yasmin

You silence me when you think I’ve said too much,
yet I’m a bitch if you reach and I don’t want your touch.
A bitch when I’m honest instead of telling a lie,
I’m typical when I have emotion and start to cry.
I’m too deep because you’re too shallow to understand,
You think I’m strange and failed to realize I don’t give a got damn.
I entered this universe on this trip with one goal this time,
I’m going to live for me, cause my life is MINE.

I’m needy if I show you that I love you too much,
yet I’m a bitch if I scowl because you forced your hand’s touch.

I’m a fag, I’m a dyke, because you don’t see things the same,
you’re a commi, you’re a dick, and you’re all the same.
I’m a freak, if I speak descriptively in erogenous terms,
I’m a prude if I decide that I don’t want your germs.

I’m going to hell because I do not believe in “your” God,
I’m a heathen if I believe in spirituality and think religion is odd.

I’m too sweet when ran over by a certain type of man,
I have class, and I do not want your ring on my hand.
A bitch when I’m honest when you’d rather I lie,
a good girl gone better and I’ll tell you why;

You broke me to the bottom with your ignorance and hate,
I rose a new person, impervious to adversity late.
Ashamed I once was to be considered too strong,
until your words made me weak, and lasted too long.
If strong is a bitch, then that is to you who I will be,
when you see me lifting mountains, and flying freely.

I may not be wealthy, but with much I am rich,
I thank you sincerely for teaching me “HOW- TO- BE -A-BITCH“.

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