Poem- Arpeggio


ar·peg·gi·o (är-pĕj′ē-ō′, -pĕj′ō)
n. pl. ar·peg·gi·os

1. a broken chord
2. The sounding of the tones of a chord in rapid succession rather than simultaneously.
3. A chord played or sung in this manner.

‘Arpeggio’ 2014 © Khalilah Yasmin

I find that I give too much of myself to people I think are capable of matching my output…

I do not know where I find the faith to continue after each heartbreak… but I do.

I guess, I want it THAT bad. I believe that it exists. This thing I’ve never had.

I’ve seen it standing beside me, I’ve tasted it briefly…

But it alludes me… I abstained, I gave with reckless abandon.

I’ve gone every route at finding this ‘LOVE’ that they say exists for all.

After each failed attempt, I think this is going to be the time that I give up….

and then I fall again…

So I lay here right now with the wind knocked out of me… wishing there was a hand other than my own to pick me up. But there isn’t… So I stand.

I stand and brush myself off again. Hoping this will pass sooner than the last…
and hoping that I’m still capable of falling again.

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