“Paralyzed Love”

“Paralyzed Love” Khalilah-Yasmin© 2008

If love is a choice, then why have I chosen to be bruised,

Love; life’s greatest joy, and a drug I once used.

Where does an addict go when distant is my muse,

wandering; in blind darkness, paralyzed and confused.

If actions speak louder than words, why is your silence so loud,

I sit alone, watching you, once your star, now I’m lost in the crowd.

Where does a star go; when the sky has vanished into thin air,

Pretending I have amnesia, as he shows he doesn’t care.

This love has lasted too long already,

I’ve tried to let go, but my heart will not let me.

This attraction has ran as deep as the oceans depths,

wanting to be a part of you without having sex.

This fate that I was dealt, has taken it’s toll,

My soul once on fire, is now growing cold.

Allowing myself to love freely and completely,

when my brain allowed my heart to abuse and mistreat me.

I applied you habitually, my ritual was you, addicted I was,

Now I’ve lost emotion, paralyzed, desensitized, void of all love.

Love; life’s greatest joy, and a drug I once used,

If Love is a choice, then why, do some CHOOSE to be bruised?

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