“Number One”

“Number One”
Khalilah Yasmin 2008 ©
I like that you’re watching me, I like that you care,
I like that when I show up you’re the first one to notice I’m there.
You miss me when I’m gone, and ask where I’m at,
you wonder where I live, what I drive, imagine all of that.
I like that you know what I wore last you saw me,
how you know every detail, as if you are in awe of me,
Yet you point out every flaw of me, …
even those that you think that you see.

I see you watching me, so I perform nicely,
you think I’m naive, but bitch I can be fiesty.
You pretend you’re my fan, to keep up with my moves,
you’re in line to fuck all my previous screws…

Yes you, you made fun of me then you imitated what you saw,
You were afraid to admit you were in love with me, how sweet,… aww!
Don’t ask anyone about me, I’m your first source of information,
You want everything I had and am, use your imagination.
I see you watching me, though I pretend that I don’t.
You’re want to confront me, but don’t worry you won’t.

So I offer you my hand me downs, to keep you in satisfaction,
it’s too bad no one likes you beyond physical attraction.
I’m giving you my long dress, for you to shorten for attention,
Here’s my blouse that I know you’ll be re-stitching.
You work so hard for what I do with ease,
I pity you, and the life that you tease.

You don’t have a name, but deep down you think I’m greater,
I’m proud to announce you as my number one hater!

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