“Mr. Mine”

Mr. Mine” Copyright 2008 Khalilah-Yasmin

I said it too many times
so inevitably it became the truth,

I’ve forever proclaimed
would be how long I loved you.

Many Miles between us, but my heart argued my body
and heart stayed by your side,
though I’m not naive, I know another
is on your joy ride…
as I requested if you weren’t destined for me,
My rusted tiara drowns in your sea.

I prayed so many times, so hoping
one day you’d feel this momentum that moves without reason,
My heart led my body, forcing deception, my mouth cried “Treason”.

I’m still breathing, and I’ve said it too many times,
as long as I am,
you are on my mind.
As you are, as I role play that I’m fine,
you were your own, and never were mine.

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