“Member’s Only”

“Member’s Only” Copyright 2004

From My Published Book “Esoteric Calligraphy-The Art Of Beautiful Writing, Understood only by Few”




Just because I look at u that way- doesn’t mean that I’m gay,

Or does it, and would that be okay,

with u, if we could have a secret rendezvous,

Just us two, Just because we’re girls doesn’t mean we can’t screw,

or me do u, and u do me,

It’s wrong to some, but right to me,

to be, in between your breasts, and your lips between my thighs,

Just because I prefer men, doesn’t mean, I have two lives,

a tickle; the straight will never realize,

and we’re the one’s they criticize,?

Just because we’re women, whether we’re lesbian, femme or bi,

I can’t lie, I like breasts and legs just as the next guy,

so would it be okay if u and I,

Got drunk and maybe high -off each other,

Nipples running wild up against one another.

I don’t want to impose or intrude my sexuality upon u,

but the ball is yours, it’s up to u to choose,

whether u think I’m gay, or just a lil confused,

Curiosity, has me so amused, because on your body, I’d like to cruise.

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