K~Y Thought of the Day: Why are YOU single?

     K~Y Thought of the Day: “Why are you Single”? 

Ladies and Gentleman.  Single and Taken.  Cheating and Faithful…  I’m sure it’s been said to you a time or two at some point in your life…  The infamous annoying question; “Why are you single”?


If you are trying to engage in conversation with a young lady, one of the last things to do would be to ask a question that implies some sort of insult or lack of relationship capabilities?  Are we not supposed to be single at some point in our lives to find a better understanding of what we want or what we do NOT WANT?  Why is it the plague to be single anymore?  Have the Pretty Ricky, R.Kelly, and Atlantic Starr songs made us think that in order to be desirable we need to go from relationship to relationship with no gap in between? 

When in a relationship, I give A LOT if not TOO MUCH of myself as I’m sure many of you do.  And I am ALL FOR RELATIONSHIPS.  I think it is great when two people that are MUTUALLY into one another can connect monogamously and grow together.


I also, however, believe it necessary to be single for a while.  We have to know who we are before we can accept another person.  We do not complete one another, we complement one another.  WE are a whole person by ourselves.  I for one LOATE the question because THIS IS MY FIRST TIME SINGLE~  Let me enjoy my low blood pressure, my lusting over Ryan Reynolds, my stalker free lifestyle, weaning out the idiots while enjoying the AMAZING, not having a curfew, not being questioned about ANYTHING EVER. 

If a woman is CONSTANTLY in a relationship and flirting enough for you to engage in a lot of extra-curricular conversation with SINGLE men… then my dear, THAT is the woman that you need to be weary of.  Not the one who is FINALLY BROKEN FROM SATAN’s LAIR.  Perhaps that was harsh?   So what my friends and I may have nicknamed an X of mine “Massa” because I was not allowed to even talk on the phone in his presence or pee without permission.  SO yes, I’m single.  I enjoy Khalilah right now.  I love Khalilah right now.  I am finding out who I am and will never let anyone else define me. For me to commit to someone now would be unfair to them  and myself.   I do not go out a lot or feel the need to FIND a man.  I like having friends, acquaintances and  people that genuinely care for me. Time for ourselves is needed. I consider it a bit of a psychological dependency if there is a person; man or woman, that is constantly in relationships.


For more information on better pick up lines; even Notorious B.I.G. had a decent amount of ‘game’. : “As soon as he buy that wine, I just sneak up from behind and ask you what your interests are…  things that make you smile, what numbers to dial…”.  

Proverbs 18: 22: He who finds a wife finds a good thing. And obtains favor from the LORD.


So I’m not looking for a man.  A man is looking for me. I’m enjoying life and letting things happen NATURALLY!   So why am I single?  Because you’re asking all the wrong questions… 


Take TIME for YOU.    Love, K~Y