Interview With Sexy Sax Man; Sergio Flores

‘Sexy Sax Man’; Sergio Flores! Interview by Khalilah-Yasmin


I’ve been honored to meet and become acquainted with the talented Sergio Flores whom most know as his performing alter ego of ‘Sexy Sax Man’. He’s quickly become an internet sensation with the accumulation of viral video postings and performances. Beyond the music prodigy that he is, he’s also one of the most genuine humans I have ever encountered.



The obvious question is why did you begin the alter ego of ‘Sexy Sax Man’? He’s intriguing, comical, and brings a lot of energy to any crowd. Did you consider all these things when you began this career?
No. there wasn’t much thought involved. Sexy Sax Man is kind of my alter ego. It’s just the way I am.  Not much was put into the thought process. “
You’re an extremely talented self taught musician.  How many instruments do you play?
“ Well I play a lot of instruments but I pride myself in being able to make any instrument sound musical. “
What is your most memorable Sax-O-Gram experience? Any Good/Bad?
When I ‘sax o gramed’ Neil Young. Being able to chill with Neil Young and talk about life and music. That was definitely a highlight of 2011!”

I love seeing how you interact with your fans by posting pictures, videos, and often artwork created by your large following. Does the following motivate you?
“Yes! Definitely! It’s very inspiring. I’m very thankful to have people that give me good vibes and motivation. It’s awesome!”

You’ve been to and met some amazing people and places. When you began the Sax-O-Grams, did you know how popular they would become?
“No not at all. I hoped that this would be something that people would like but I had no idea they would embrace it like they have. “

Who would you like to Sax-O-Gram if you could choose anyone that you haven’t yet?
“ I really want to punk Kanye West because I think he deserves it. But I don’t know how he would react if I hopped on stage; like if he would he would try to beat me down. And then I would beat him down and then I would go to jail. So I have to think about it.  I want to give to him a taste of his own medicine,” Sergio laughs.
Ever play your instruments on dates for the ladies?  Have you ever used your talents to seduce or is that not your thing?

           “I probably used them to seduce once or twice. But I don’t do it intentionally. I don’t think about it. But I’ve definitely used my powers.”

One thing you’d like everyone to know about you:

“ I want people to know that I am an artist to the fullest and that music is my life and my passion. I am a free spirit that just wants to share my positive energy with the world.”



View Sexy Sax Man’s “Careless Whisper” Prank with over 10,000,000 views:


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  1. Nice interview. I met Sergio when we were both performing at Electric Daisy Carnival last year in Las Vegas. Great guy.

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