INTERNET; networking, friends, and dating?–from my Facebook page

FINDING FRIENDS ON THE INTERNET; networking, dating, or otherwise…
(is it wrong? and furthermore, who the BLEEP cares)

I grew up quite sheltered. I was the type of child whom hid behind her mother, if a stranger came to close. I didn’t know life outside of my bedroom, unless I saw it on television. My mother was very strict, also often overbearing.. (She has since moved to Vegas and is very care free)…

Now as an adult, I have been told I’m extremely outgoing and friendly. This is true. Granted, I’m no fool. My kindness is not my weakness, it’s my window. I read people very well, and haven’t been put in any awkward situations. (Praise God)

In 2002, I joined the world of “THE INTERNET”… It began with being on I however, have NEVER used any of these websites to “date”. But I used them as a platform to share my writings, my expressionist nature and meet people with similar interests. Upon Joining BlackPlanet I refused to even put my picture up and of course went by a corny screen name; Esoteric3000. I enjoyed the critiquing and praise I won via internet/anonymous strangers in regards to my writings. I began advertising for my book that would soon be self published. In 2003 or 2004 I believe, I became the FIRST Member of Myspace that resided in Omaha, Nebraska. By 2005, everyone and their baby mama’s cousin’s lil sister had joined… By this time, I was modeling and had learned valuable things by talking to others in other states, venues, and such.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to meet some wonderful people on the pages of the Web. And believe it or NOT, I look into your friends lists, read your notes, blogs, comments, before making it to your “pictures”…. If seeking a friend, it’s necessary to find someone with common interests, RIGHT? We can’t have any candor whilst not knowing anything about one another. And I For one, pick up on someone whom has only looked at my pictures, right away.

Even people from High School that I had known by just a simple Hello, the internet seems to have brought us closer.. candidly. We seem to share more interests now and find that “hey we have more in common that previously thought”.

My point in this, I’ve met NUMEROUS people in person, that I initially met through the World Wide Web. Once you make that meeting in person, impression is there, and you have NOW met in person. Granted we may not all have the discernment to know who is worth meeting or safe to meet….

I sold all of my self published book on “Myspace”. I’ve networked with many, MANY people.. from all states, all countries. I’ve made lasting friendships in which I’ve visited these people, share common interests and provide good “friendship” even if it’s through the telephone/email/Instant Message…

Who’s to say that these people that were FIRST MET on the Web, are not as genuine had I met them at Border’s First, instead of Second? I’ve argued this fact, and refuse to argue anymore… and am thankful for all of you, whom I met on the net with sincerity, and then in person with compassion.

A friend of mine once said, “Khalilah, they are not interested in your friendship, they just like you because you’re pretty”…. But what about the women, I’ve platonically befriended and now grocery shop with here in Omaha? Is she calling them superficial? IS she saying that though we have a lot in common and share numerous laughs, that these people are not as genuine?

Well I don’t believe it… And I’m thankful for them all! You all… And if we shall cross paths in person…. until then. You do you, and I guess, I’ll just keep doing ME! 🙂

Kindness is not my weakness, it’s my Window… Khalilah Yasmin

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”~
Maya Angelou


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