Incipient with Audio

‘Incipient’ Copyright 2016

Straddling the line between friendship & love, I’m losing my balance.
Ceremoniously, I’ve offered my heart wringing its blood in your chalice.

Alice, I am- in a wonderland that I never considered before.

Paralleling this world the entire time, yet I had never explored.

Your lips and your eyes upon mine have become an insatiable addiction.

I am too careful & conscientious to succumb to affliction.

But here I stand, heart in my hand begging for your mercy.

Please set me free from your spell if you’re refusing to love me.

Place me back at the tower where no one could reach me,
Set me free of your curse
I demand that you teach me!

Your chalice is full, my blood on your breath.
This whimsical fairytale may be all I have left.

Am I convincing myself that I feel something while trying to prove to myself that I don’t?

Are you using my affection to feed your ego while promising that you won’t?

Straddling the line between friendship & infatuation, losing my balance.

Begging for your mercy as you drink my blood in your chalice.

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