“I must be in Love”

“I must be in love” ©2007 K-Yasmin

I must be in love

The earth moving chills that he gives,

in my body where he lives.

He therapeutic and erotically soothed me,

Vibrating my mind and soul when he moved me.

I must be in love, for his flesh to be my weakness,

Craving every inch of his body, it’s caramel sweetness.

The thrill that his touch sends thru my spine,

Clenching his ass, saying “this ass is mine”!

As he stares in my eyes, and thru him I see his spirit,

Thru his mind he calls out to me, I moan when I hear it.

I must be in love, to be so consumed with another,

I’m addicted to my stern spoken, strong lover.

The moment time stops as he caresses my breasts,

I know out of all my loves, past and future, he is the best.

As his orgasm blends within my own,

he; subconsciously in tune with my erogenous zone.

Good things take time, I know because for him I waited,

I must be in love, addicted, SO infatuated!

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