“I Might Be”

“ I MIGHT BE” K.Yasmin ©

So I MIGHT< get butterflies when you look in my eyes, My body may start to quiver, when you reach for my thighs.

And you may be able to read my mind, and turn on my switch,

as you make my insides cream and my subconscious twitch.

You’ve got me playing slow songs, and writing poetry,

I feel so many things when you look at me.

So I MIGHT< feel something I’m afraid to admit to you, Ironically , In the midst of everything, I’m going thru. And you may be able to get the best part I have to give, because when I’m with you, I’m free to just LIVE. You’ve got me feeling something I didn’t know could exist, after everything I’ve had, I see what I’ve missed. SO I MIGHT< not be able to be as vague as I like, instead I want to approach your stage and grab the mic. And you may have something that which I’ve become addict, For when I’m not with you, my mind and body in panic. I feel so many things when you look at me, playing slow songs and writing poetry. You’ve been lead thru the door, and given a key.. I don’t know what this is, But I think I MIGHT BE.

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