“Him” © Khalilah-Yasmin

Eyes say more than our hidden intent
Eyes are a mirror of emotions to vent;
My vision’s been spent-
For no more than I binded-
Of past lovers I was never reminded
While I eagerly tried it.
I became weak to the power he possessed,
As he undressed my mind, allowing our souls to have sex.
If I had a religion- I would call out his name.
Transcending me to renaissance, and his dick to my jane.

Vain; he was not as I presumed he would be.
He brought me himself as I prepared for him; me.
Humbled and taken to the depth of my core;
Bitten, and sore, deepened voice begged him for more.

Self control created an extended release,
As he tremored my body and stuttered my speech.
He seared heat through my soul.
We bonded chemically from the moment we met.
His eyes caressed mine and my body was wet-
I will never forget. Him.


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