“HER” ©Khalilah Yasmin 2008
Death is NOT, the worst thing contrary to popular belief,
Love is a empty path with a dungeon beneath.
Being shot if chosen, versus having your heart shatter,
I’d take the bullet, and watch my brain splatter.
Oh what’s the matter?  I’m sick of being hurt,
Wear my heart on my sleeve, I PLASTERED it on my shirt!!
Once this love is over, I’ve chosen the dungeon for my home,
be loved, romanced, then screwed, (pause) I’d rather be alone…
Black is NOT, the deepest of darkness that exists….
it’s loving him Exquisitely and watching him kiss….

One thought on ““Her”

  1. This one gave me chills. Been there. Know it too well.

    They say the opposite of love is indifference. Still, how can I be indifferent about someone I loved so much?

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