“Closer” © Khalilah Yasmin 2008

Please I beg you don’t let me get near,

If I feel the heat from your skin, my body will sear.

A burn that may take days to extinguish,

I’m sexually infatuated by your eyes and I mean this…

Mentally intrigued, my mind is enslaved,

Wanting more than the words that you say must be saved.

Saved for another time, situation or place,

Saved for the day, I throw myself to your face.

Admitting my erogenous desire that has no true cause,

Between moans and cries of pleasure that I don’t intend to let pause.

But this moment has flaws, according to you,

You’re not accepting or denying our mental rendezvous.

My curiosity’s amused, wanting a tryst and maybe a cruise,

Craving to grind you SO hard, your body feels used.

The energy in your presence, is hard to deny,

Frustrated with desire, my body pouts a soft cry.

I’m at your mercy, you win, and to you I toast,

So if you don’t wish to proceed, prohibit me to come close…

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  1. HEEEY!!!! Congrats KY!!!! My dear good friend, I am so happy for you. I’m sure you’ll have this up, running and exciting as you are in no time. Congrats and always I continue to wish you the best!!!! YAY for KY!!!!!

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