“Hamlet” Copyright 2015 Khalilah Yasmin

When it starts to hurt the most, I find myself attempting to reason with my ghost.

At times I imagine the entire planet fading to black,
I wonder if where I go, I would even want to come back.
Back to see the people and places I could not afford-
My imagination drifts to darkness & bliss.
Believe me, for I am NEVER BORED.

Yet existential anxiety plagues me,
Holding the life jacket yet no clue how to save me.

This life: GOD GAVE ME…
If there is one- I hope.
This fake ass smile does not help me cope.
There has to be more to this.
All this? Can’t be it all.
So poor that my interest is simply robbing ‘Peter’ to pay ‘Paul’.

Y’all- have no fucking clue
Of the nightmares I’ve lived;
The demons I’ve walked through.
But who exactly am I even talking to—?
No one will see this.

They’ll think it’s a delayed cry for help when they read this.

But! I mean this.
I’m tired and want the life that I see in my head.

Every second I pray it comes before I am dead.

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