“HAD” © 2009 K.Yasmin  (khalilahyasmin.com)

When what you have becomes what you had,
when my smiles Become the reason your ass is sad.

when you told me I wasn’t enough, and I gave you my all,
when you saw me flying you told me you’d rather me fall.
when I changed my life to mold your desire,
you brought a match and set mine to fire.
when you were a star to me before your narcissi Fame
when I became blind yet I saw that you’d changed

when the groupies came, ….when the spotlight was on,
I tried to stand beside you, but pushed behind you, till gone.

when my tears spoke what my mouth could not,
when my heart broke, I rathered it be shot.

When your number one fan, becomes the last on your list,
I was the first one in line, for your ass to be kissed.
but I wanted you minus the clothes, the flash, and bull shit…
Minus the cars, the wheels and the tricks…
tricks, and stunts, road trips and full blunts,
I was a freak for you, but you’d rather those sluts.

When I was myself, and you were an imposter,
You were my only, and I was lost on your roster.

when I lay down at night, and I see your face,
My dream is a nightmare, no saving grace.

For you had a taste, of what love really was,
but you wanted emptiness, you didn’t want love.
when you lie, you’re a con, and the whole world believes,
when the truth comes to light, it will be you that’s deceived.

I’m moving on, don’t call me, your voice makes me mad,
when what you have becomes what you had…

When you’re no longer able to perform the stunts and the tricks,
when no longer is anyone swinging from your dick
when you become you, minus the flash and bull shit…
when no one is in line for your ass to be kissed
when you wake up and you remember how you treated me and that makes you sad…..

when what you have is nothing like what you once had…..

3 comments on ““Had”

  1. WOW! Favorite line: “when you become you, minus the flash and bull shit…” Powerful words you pen in this piece. If this is based on real life experience, I have to say the ending (relationship) is most definitely his loss. I am adding u to my “Dope Poets Society” list on my blog.

  2. Thanks I’m honored for the add on. Ironically that’s my own favorite line in my poem….

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