Drugs. When Forever Comes TOO Soon.

Don't Do Drugs

To enhance, numb, heal, or to ‘celebrate’?

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”
― Bob Marley

To claim a fictional number of the American population that has ever tried a drug, prescription or otherwise would be naive. It’s still taboo in most instances to admit to having ever tried anything beyond the likes of Tylenol. Or perhaps something your doctor prescribed you for the back spasms you’ve been having since pulling a muscle that morning in the office with your secretary.

In any accord, they exist and are everywhere. Drugs. In the past decade there are countless commercials featuring a variety of symptoms to which make certain prescription drugs seem more acceptable whether they are necessary or not.

‘Herb’; the mistress named Mary Jane, and magic plant known more widely as Marijuana; has been ‘legalized’ in a couple of the U.S. states. Marijuana is less regulated in other countries and has medicinal properties, yet is still looked down upon by a lot of people. There are artists who claim that Marijuana takes them to a place where they can CREATE without the inhibitions that they usually have.

“It breaks down the walls I usually have up and I become less tense,” Anonymous stated.

The more illicit drugs such as cocaine, heroine, MDMA, and ecstasy however, have a bad reputation for ruining lives or taking them like a backstabbing friend. Famous celebrities such as Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston, Chris Farley, Jimi Hendrix, and more recently Philip Seymour Hoffman are among the drug related death list.

A lot assumptions exist on WHY people get started doing drugs in the first place. What causes some to head down what begins as a leisurely ferris wheel and ends as a frightening chamber of death?

The year was 1884. Sigmund Freud, Austrian neurologist famous for Psychoanalysis, made his own discoveries while experimenting with cocaine which he claimed produced “exhilaration and lasting euphoria”. Freud also claimed that with the help of his new friend cocaine, his intellectual ability was enhanced while warding off sleep and hunger. Imagine that! An intellectual found something that they thought gave them super powers.

Freud went on to publish a paper called ‘Uber Coca’ about his love affair with the powdery substance. This miracle drug was an answer to issues such as fatigue and depression, as far as Freud was concerned.

So, could those be reasons that some start to use this or other stimulants? The neurological enhancements that take place in the nervous system for some, may make them feel super human. Entertainers for instance, may seek these drugs for that BOOST when the traditional Latte from the local coffee shop isn’t enough. Students that have to stay up all night to study may use uppers to keep them awake and alert while being aware of the long term side effects and deciding not to worry about it ‘right now’.

Not everyone that participates in large amounts prescription or illegal drugs are unhappy. It’s easy to get addicted to having a ‘good time’.

Anonymous stated, “I was never depressed when I did drugs. As a rich man, I could afford them for myself and my friends. We partied. We had a good time. We wanted it to last forever, so we tried to create a euphoria that would.”

Unfortunately, for some, forever comes too soon.


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