BLACK PANTHER. First off, I’m a Marvel fan. Super hero movies and themes are kind of my thing. Seeing a film at this production level featuring so many people of color as the STARS with skin like mine & hair like mine was a moment of inclusion. Representation is so important. It’s something many never […]


HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH, Y’ALL! HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH, Y’ALL! Of course, “ALL LIVES MATTER.” No one was ever disputing that. They were reminding others that “BLACK LIVES MATTER” ALSO. Black History Month was never to take away from Caucasian (White) History, which is the main history curriculum in American public schools. Black History Month […]


• BLACK LABEL •   “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Labels are great for knowing how to handle clothing. You may not want to mix your whites with your colors… or your delicates with your cottons. Not with humans though. […]


Unless you’re still carrying a flip-phone or living the Amish life, everyone is carrying a little Black Mirror on their person every day. Even though Black Mirror seems to be set in the future, this truth makes the show so fucking relatable. And I for one am obsessed.. even if every episode terrifies me a […]

No Kidding-

‘Once upon a time on Tinder in Las Vegas’ As told by Khalilah Yasmin Once upon a time in Las Vegas, I met someone on a dating app that happened to know a couple of people I knew. It took me 5 months from the initial match to meet him in person because dating apps […]

My Hair Journey & Return To Natural

MY HAIR JOURNEY & RETURN TO NATURAL – As told by Khalilah Yasmin ‘They’ taught us to hate us the way that God made us and I’m sick of it.   I am writing this to EDUCATE those that don’t understand and to ENCOURAGE those on a similar path. I am a Black American Woman. […]


•ANCESTRY• The more I find out about my family tree and ancestors, the more fascinated I am with the power of DNA and how our DNA influences the present. This article below features a video with my Uncle Darryl Eure speaking about my paternal grandmother Dorothy Eure and her contributions to civil rights (HUMAN RIGHTS) […]