“black girl lost”

“black girl lost” ©Khalilah Yasmin

You look at me and assume I’m just a BLACK girl lost,
Judging me inaccurately, and the battles I’ve fought.

To you I’m a slave, you’re hoping I never break loose,
you attempt to bind me, mentally on your kerosene noose.

Well I’m not sitting on your scale to compare,
we are the same, you and I, though you treat me unfair.

You glare at me and call me Black girl lost,
you aim your gun and me you have shot.
Judging me and my reflection, when I see you in my eyes,
ALL built in HIS image, or are you Satan in disguise?

Realize, this, with full throttle and reality smack,
What makes ME a slave, when we BOTH ARE BLACK?

What makes you better than me, and assume that I’m lost,
I’ve got my compass, society’s insecurity seems to be your boss.

While you bash me, my choices, and the men that I date,
my accent, my friends, and the value of my fate.

Self hate, is what I see when I look to your soul,
you’re ignorance’s puppet, for you’re not in control…

of the things you say, believe, and the impact you don’t see you’re making,
you’re so blind to yourself, you don’t see that you’re mental mind is breaking…

Down, because you let your history write your future with disdain,
I refuse to be an imitation, I choose knowledge to instead gain.

While you lose, thinking you’ve won because you put me on your scale,
I’m broken from my chains, inside my mind is no hell.
You’re in jail, yet you call me Black Girl Lost who’s a slave,
I’m a QUEEN, I’m Found, and from my universe I will wave.

You want me to fall beneath you, and no longer hold my hands,
so I carry alone, falling free of your shackles and evil plans.

You look at me and think I’m better off like that,
Last time I checked BRO, we were both Black….

5 comments on ““black girl lost”

  1. That is hella hot K! Preach the word, speak the truth, and educate some of our lost people!


  2. Wow! That was powerful!!
    You are most definitely not lost.
    I know this feeling all to well and I greatly enjoyed this piece. I look forward to reading more.

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