“Between Blinks”

“Between Blinks” ©Khalilah-Yasmin

Caught in the moments;
where we briefly lock eyes,
Captive by thought-
hiding my “idea” between my thighs.
Blood Rushing away
from my roaring heartbeat,
I’m afraid of our silence
Because within it’s empty sound,
I hear the rest of me speak.

Nervous, I become,
wondering if you hear me,
aware my subconscious will dominate my actions
if I let you come near me.

I need you to fear me,
and stay out of arms reach,
I’d rather be submissively strong,
than incredibly weak.
Watching your lips and your eyes,
and hoping you aren’t reading my body language,
as I struggle to be stoic
and fail to conceal my body’s anguish.
Timid I seem,
dismissing respectful eye contact,
as I daydream BETWEEN BLINKS
of you on your back.
Just days ago, I knew how to act,
Intrigued now to touch you, STOP-


Imagine if I had said “yes”
to my inhibitions,
I’d be free from writing
living instead of just wishing.
Instead of throbbing,
we could be sweating,
But this is complicated….

so I can’t be letting…. you…

Catch me in the moments
where we briefly lock eyes,
nor let you capture the idea
I’ve hid between my thighs.
Still afraid of our silence
because within it I hear our bodies speak,
I’m becoming submissive,
finding strength in my weak… Moment
Nervous, and prepared
Just in case you by chance hear me,
Allowing my subconscious to dominate my actions
if I let you COME NEAR ME….


2 comments on ““Between Blinks”

  1. I gotta say, this is one EXOTIC photo…look at your haunting eyes! wow! Your lips put the A-listers to shame! SO PRETTY!! Lighting is exquisite, and painted so well on your awwesome skin! Pretty hands and nails, too…very attractive!! Your pensive mood makes me wonder what you’re thinkin about. The photographer really captured your essence of being a BEAUTIFUL, PRETTY AND SEXY WOMAN! Pink BG was a nice touch. Id like to see a straight-on shot that shows your eye color. You should be picked to grace the cover of a top magazine soon!

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