© 2011


It was a pleasant surprise when I looked in his eyes; unplanned and unexpected,

As if during his stare and clasp of the strings; we made love; ears unprotected.

Bass; the rhythm you feel deep in your core, falling in sync with your heart and altering its beat,

With my ears I saw him, with my eyes I decided to speak.

Me lost in the crowd yet seeing only TWO instruments on stage;

The one in his grasp and the one I’m sure slayed

During persuasion by music, finesse, and effortless skill,

I found my motives being shifted without my free will.

As if during his stare and clasp of his strings;

The phallic symbol foreshadowed my moans and my screams.

I long for the beat; my sustenance and my addiction,

The BASS wanted to move me so I give it permission.