As the Piano Played

Photobucket“As the piano played” © 2004

As he pulled my legs around his head,
I clenched the sheets off of the bed,
My body blushed 4 shades of red,
My body replied to what his mouth had said.
As my thighs rested on his shoulder,
I had multiple chills without getting colder…
If his X didn’t know, he shoulda told her
I coulda married his mouth and died at his shoulders.
As I bit HARD to my bottom lip
I thought with awe, “this man’s a trip”
He rolled his tongue across my hip
I threw back my arms as his body dipped.
As he slipped inside, my body whippp creamed
Like his eyes were sun rays; I melt with each beam…
Was it the FULL moon or some wet tranquil dream
Because my legs flew up when I silenced my scream.
I wanted more, I must’ve came too soon.
I laid in his arms, my roses had been bloomed,
I floated away on his balloon…
As the piano played, in the other room.

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