“Ambition” Copyright 2004

From My Published Book “Esoteric Calligraphy-The Art Of Beautiful Writing, Understood only by Few”

I sit here alone, head down, feeling sorry for myself,

thinking, reflecting of happiness left.

I sit here, wondering when my faith will be rewarded,

So many disappointments, experiences assorted.

I sit here outside, staring into the night,

The breeze on my legs is holding me tight.

The stars are shining and the moonlight is deep,

I crept outside for I couldn’t sleep.

I sat, reflected and remembered my ambition,

My accomplishments beyond life’s superstition.

So I stood, alone, but I stood up proud,

The night so quiet, my heart so loud.

Standing, breathing, and my head held high,

No one can tell me I won’t make it if I try.

I’ve made it this far, so I stand,

I’ve proven my strength, with only my hands,

My heart, my soul, and facing My fear,

I will be great from this moment right here.