“A.K.A. Richard”

“A.K.A. Richard” © Khalilah-Yasmin

Something is missing,
ever since I made you leave,
I contemplate the season
I made you the air that I breathe.
I reminisce of love and see how it was,
I’m aware of the miracle and damage it does.

I see a smile,
that you flooded with a fury of tears,
I can feel that moment
that took away all our years.

Something is missing,
ever since I last kissed your face,
I contemplate your presence alone,
making my heart race.
I reminisce of love;
the deepest ever fathomed,
I’m aware of your spell
and in awe with your tandem.

I see a girl;
naive with a heart that is full,
whom she freed upon a boy
whom was full of BULL-

SHIT, was what you fed me
when I was hungry for sincerity,
an agape attachment immaculate
detached by your ignorant severity.

Something is missing,
ever since you were last inside me,
that my soul stood behind me.
I reminisce of love;
and the prison you left me in,
I would have gave you my life
you weren’t even a good friend.

I see a smile, I lost,
when I let you shake my world,
I see Riedells, I see Rims,
I see a weak ass S-Curl.
I realize what I miss,
not you or your SHIT,
But I hate that you fit,
as I come to the conclusion….

I just miss your “DICK”….

“AKA Richard”

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