Social Media and People from the Past…

Accessibility doesn’t equate to access. Yet, many of us have found ourselves living in that 2nd dimension known as the INTERNET which can be a dangerous place if you’re not careful. Posting locations, plans, relationships…

There are so many platforms available to find anyone on; the most popular medium still being Facebook. But when is it too much? When should you resist the urge to contact or harass someone from your past that you perhaps weren’t too kind to? Is it necessary to create multiple profiles each time the one you contact someone unresponsive from, blocks you for their own protection?

I won’t be bullied to remove my presence from social media or the internet because this is who I am. I’m an artist who creates and shares my work with the world.

Usually I don’t care if anyone feels like my post is directed at them, because if the shoe fits, wear it. But I’ll make it perfectly clear this time so that the intended party knows he is harassing me and that his obsession with my online persona will not be tolerated. This is the ONLY response you get; a public one that reminds you of the restraining order from 14 years ago, the cops, the car chase, the blood, the punches, the knives, the throwing me down the stairs while PREGNANT. A response that reminds you that I owe you nothing for the bruises, the scars, or the memories and appreciate that they all made me stronger. The bruises on my face healed so you think I’m “Beautiful now”… Oh? But I owe you NOTHING. You are entitled to nothing. And I forgive you doesn’t mean I wish to further f*ck with you.


If you need a copy of the court documents or restraining orders, you know your name and how to find them.  The ONLY way you’ll get what you claim you’re after is with a police officer present.

Access Denied. Sincerely.

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