“911” Khalilah Yasmin Copyright 2016

Self defense, 18 years later but not too late.

Come near me & I promise that death is your fate.

I refuse to be another sacrifice to Satan you made.

If only the grim reaper was willing to make a fair trade.

Praying to God as a resident from heaven released.

A fiery celebration once you return to your home among all your beasts.

A bullet on standby,
On speed dial 911.
Exhausted of your torment
May God’s will be done.

Tired of the nightmares, and you popping up whenever I cross your mind.
No remorse. No guilt. Just a monster with time on his side.

Flashbacks of a girl pregnant with child covered in her own blood-
screaming for help.
You kicking her with your military boots covered in mud.

I may not have been strong enough then
But now I have a license to carry.
I’ve come a long way from that virgin you married.

Now here we are, I thought I’d dress for this special occasion.

Organza wedding dress, GLOCK fully loaded & Swiss Army for your face’s decoration.

I warned you that you were unwelcome & to forever stay away.

Long time no see, I’ll be sure to make sure that you regret this day.

Now you’re crawling away, begging for mercy like I once did first.
Aww, the shoe doesn’t fit so well when the shoe was once hers.

It’s my turn to hear you scream gargling blood,
This cut is for the pregnant teenager you tried to cover in mud.

Hands covered in blood, I hike up my puffy dress,
My lace garter has your final gift.

Now open up wide, and give this cold chamber a kiss.

911, I’d like to report an emergency.

The man that tried to kill me for leaving him is lying next to me.





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