Aspiring Modeling Advice

To Whom It May Concern, (The Short Version)   Get some professional photos taken. Google an agency nearby and submit your photos. If they want you, they’ll let you know.   To Whom It May Concern, I am writing this because I get asked a lot of these questions often by aspiring models and I […]

BE Positive + A Play

A One Act Play I wrote this for my creative writing class. ‘BE POSITIVE’ Written by Khalilah Yasmin Copyright 2015 Characters: Dad- Charles- Fifty-Five Years Old Mom- Molly- Fifty-Five Years Old Daughter- Sydney- Twenty-Five Years Old Setting: Hospital room sits Charles and Molly on either corner of the bed where Sydney lay smiling as she […]

The 15 unfathomably fathomable things I believe in

The 15 unfathomably fathomable things I believe in I believe in ghosts. I believe we should live our lives the way WE want to just in case we die suddenly. I believe in love and soul mates. I believe in promiscuity, addiction, and whatever makes people happy. Their life. I believe Gluten is bull shit. […]

Audio of ‘Insatiable’

Rated MA for Mature Content I was asked to contribute a piece of my work to the Las Vegas Chippendale’s show biker segment. This is the tribute I came up with. If you’re ever in Vegas, please go see the show and look for my video cameo as well. Enjoy! CLICK TO BUY MY BOOK […]

Poem- “as·phyx·i·ate”

Photography by Francis George Model Khalilah Yasmin Make Up Artist Zee Clemente Picture inspired Poetry… Loved this shoot so much, it was time to create another aspect. “as·phyx·i·ate” Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2015 Falling in is easy but I haven’t yet mastered the escape. Voluntarily submitting myself to severe emotional rape. For my own sake- I […]

Everything versus Nothing

“Everything versus Nothing” I’ve always believed in magic. That’s what kept me going. Faith. Faith that one day my life would be happy and filled with love, peace… But now I have an equal belief in nothing. They’re fighting with one another. The possibility that I’ll never accomplish my dreams and that pursuing happiness is […]