“Great Expectations”- Poem

“Great Expectations” Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2014 What if I painted you the picture I wanted you to see, would you critique the aesthetic or allow it to be? If I drew you a journey with both of my hands,  

F*CK FEAR – or let it f*ck you…

F*CK FEAR: FIGHT OR FLIGHT. Which one drives YOU? Motivation is the drive that enables an individual towards a certain goal or destination. Influenced by external forces such as the high that one gets from accomplishing a task or victorious feat, motivation enables all motion. Yet, the driving force in a lot of decisions tends […]

Drugs. When Forever Comes TOO Soon.

DRUGS. To enhance, numb, heal, or to ‘celebrate’? “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” ― Bob Marley To claim a fictional number of the American population that has ever tried a drug, prescription or otherwise would be naive. It’s still taboo in most instances to admit to having ever tried anything […]

5 Things Every Las Vegas Tourist Should Consider

Coming to Las Vegas? Don’t be an Ass-hat. As told by Khalilah Yasmin Here are 5 Things Every Las Vegas Tourist Should Know: Prepare to be educated and perhaps slightly offended. I live in the entertainment capital of the world, which had an estimated visitor count of 39 million last year; LAS VEGAS. Nearly 21,000 […]